“A Trail Through Grandeur”

Mountain shadows is the best luxury resort in Wayanad, in fact it’s one most luxurious resort in entire south India. Hence, the facilities and amenities here definitely will be with that highest quality and standard. The gates are wide open for the esteemed guests to taste this splendor of service anytime

Infinity Pool

Since, the mountain shadows is the most luxurious honeymoon resort in Kerala, the facilities must also be superlative. There’s a gorgeous pool, for our guests to refresh themselves and the beauty of this ‘infinity pool’ is beyond descriptions. The ambience, the atmosphere, and the view of dense forest and the calm lake are just awesome.

Indoor Games

There are so many ways to spend the leisure time. Here, in this best honeymoon resort in Wayanad we have arranged a wonderful hall for the indoor games, such as table tennis, pool boards, chess, caromsetc. the indoor games are means to entertain the guests. The most modern amenities and equipment adorn this platform.

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

The food is one of the primary things which every customer give preference to, during the vacation at any hotels or resorts whether it is budget stay or the most luxurious one like the Mountain Shadow. Here, in our best five star resort in Wayanad, we have different varieties of exotic delicacies prepare by our fantastic chefs. We also had local and traditional food items too on request of our guests.

Traditional Ethinic Tea-Shop

The Mountain Shadows, as we all know, located on a peninsula, surrounded by water and dense forest. Such an ambience definitely deserves some sort of dining experience outside the luxury chambers and by enjoying the nature. Hence, this best resort in Wayanad setup a traditional tea shop in its premises to enjoy an evening tea and some local snacks for the guests maybe after a short walk. This traditional tea shop is run by the resort itself and it would be another beautiful experience.

Pool Bar

There’s an infinity pool, in the resort which provides the serene view of the tranquil water body and the dense forest. It would such a fantastic experience in Mountain shadows. We setup a small facility nearby it, where soft drinks, juices and non-alcoholic energy drinks are available. This ‘Pool-bar’ is one of the major attractions in this pool villa resort in Wayanad

Ayurveda Center

Who wouldn’t love to get a relaxing massage after a busy day of sightseeing? Rejuvenate your health peacefully with the magic of ayurveda during your next vacation. A variety of treatments and massages are offered at the Ayurveda centre run by trained professionals at Mountain Shadows Wayanad. Feel free to check out the variety of treatments and choose the one that your body needs.

Yoga Platform

The refreshment platforms are necessary for any luxury resorts especially when the Mountain Shadows is the most luxurious five star resort in Wayanad. The yoga platform is one among them; here the guests can do meditation and yoga under the instructions of our yoga master. Practicing meditation in our beautiful environment will be quite wonderful for anyone.

Turf And Basketball Court

Why compromise on fun and games on vacation when you get a Turf and basketball court with a spectacular scenic view? Located near the lake, Mountain Shadows Wayanad provides a turf and a basketball court for sports lovers. To play in the cool breezy climate with a breathtaking view around would be a once in a lifetime experience.

A man in a gym at a resort in Wayanad called Mountain Shadows


Workouts are never to be compromised, be it on vacations or busy days. That is why we provide a full fledged gym with all facilities in our property. We have professional fitness trainers and all necessary equipment here.

Kids Playing Area

Let your munchkins wander in their own world without boredom while you enjoy a peaceful break. At Mountain Shadows, Wayanad, We have a playing area for kids where they can interact with other kids and enjoy a nice play time.


Not every people are fond of games or other entertainments, some must be bookaholics who love to read wherever they go. We have a wonderful library being setup here in the best luxury resort in Wayanad not only for such people but those whoever love to read. It has wide range of collection and we promise it will be a wonderful experience for those who enjoy our stay.

Conference Hall

Mountain shadows is the most luxurious five star resorts in Kerala. It’s located on a peninsula, surrounded by the lake and dense forest, in Wayanad. The location itself is so mesmerizing, that one can melt themselves in the beauty of nature despite whatever stress he is having. It’s not only a leisure time resort, but have all the facilities and amenities to organize even business meetings too. We have a spacious conference hall equipped with most modern devices to conduct any business meets and presentations.

Travel Assistance

Even though the resort is located far away from the crowd, in an isolated yet beautiful place, on a peninsula and have to travel through the dense forest, we will do all the assistance for our guests if they want to have a hire a pick up and drop to the nearest railway stations or airports, or if they need to visit nearby attractions, we have an exclusive travel desk to clear all such concerns. It’s one among the many attractive facilities here in our best luxury resort in Kerala.