Wayanad Resorts for Couples: Mountain Shadows

Wayanad Resorts for Couples: Mountain Shadows

Mountain Shadows is a luxurious resort in Wayanad, Kerala with an exceptionally beautiful location advantage of its hills, dense green forests, sparkling waterfalls, and pristine lakes. The property is also blessed with Wayanad’s delightful climate. The higher elevations of the location have created a romantic and comforting environment for couples with its cold breeze. This breeze seems even sweeter with the rich aroma that lingers in the atmosphere. It is contributed by the vast stretch of tea and coffee fields along with the rich flora from the region. More on the beauty of Wayanad in the later sections of the article.

Besides the regional advantage, the property is equipped with a range of amenities and services custom-made for guests. There are a lot more reasons why Mountain Shadows is the best Wayanad resort for couples. Read on to find them out.

What makes Wayanad the best location for couples?

Wayanad is a picturesque destination located in the southern part of India with a combination of nature, culture, and romance. Wayanad creates the perfect atmosphere for couples in love with its rolling hills, deep green forests, sparkling waterfalls, and lakes. It is the ideal place to foster intimacy with its calm ambience where time stands still pulled away from the chaos of the busy work life.

Nothing can beat the climate of Wayanad. The higher hills and elevation have blessed the place with cool breezes. Couples can now escape from the humidity and heat of lower elevations and indulge in exploring Wayanad to the fullest. Couples can discover the beauty of the region through the vast tea and coffee fields, wildlife reserves, quaint villages, and more. Besides these, Wayanad is culturally rich with its ancient temples, traditional crafts, and friendly hospitality.

It doesn’t end there; the numerous natural wonders like waterfalls and wildlife reserves add a touch of adventure to a couple’s itinerary.

Why is Mountain Shadows the best resort for couples in Wayanad?

Mountain Shadows is nothing short of exceptional when it comes to being the top-rated resort for couples in Wayanad. The geographic location of Mountain Shadows is such that it stands at par with popular exotic destinations such as Bali or the Maldives. Couples usually prefer these locations because of their breathtaking island topography, and cosy vibe. Since Mountain Shadows Resort is situated on a private peninsula, amidst a dense green forest the tranquil this location offers an unmatched. The entry to the resort is only after a scenic 3 km drive through the lush greenery, giving it a peaceful and secluded ambience for couples.

Guests are mesmerized by the resort’s stunning views, which extend in all directions. Couples are greeted with exceptional service that rivals some of the most well-known couple resorts in the world from the moment they set foot on the premises. 

Coming to the suites that couples should experience at least once in their lifetime, 

Pool Villas and Jacuzzi Villas top the list. The stay in these luxurious villas are made even sweeter by minute additions like arranging honeymoon cakes, candlelight dinners, room decoration, couple massage bed decoration, and more. And the best part is that these are done in a Mountain Shadow signature style. Moreover, these services and honeymoon inclusions can be customized completely based on the guest’s will without compromising luxury.

Couple resort packages in Mountain Shadows Wayanad

The best part about Mountain Shadows is that it offers a variety of options for couples to choose from. This resort has got you covered with some exciting couple packages that fit people with different budget ranges. The Embrace Love In Luxury package and Experience Togetherness package are the 2 most preferred ones among couples in the property. In addition to this,  there are other family packages to choose from and an option to book a room of their preference and add any additional services as per liking. 

Couples resort activities in Mountain Shadows Wayanad

There are plenty of activities for couples in Mountain Shadows Wayanad resort. Here are some of the activities that couples can indulge in and around the resort:

  • Nature Walk
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Wayanad’s Cultural Art Performances 
  • Cycling
  • Tea Tasting
  • Cooking Demonstration
  • Plant a Tree
  • Wildlife & Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Romantic Candlelight Dinner
  • Family Theme Dinner
  • Honeymoon Cake
  • Couple Massage
  • Room & Bed Custom Decoration

Accommodation options in Mountain Shadows Wayanad

Mountain Shadows resort offers mainly three types of accommodation for couples. They are: 

All the 3 types of villas reap the location advantage of Mountain Shadows Resorts to the fullest. These are completely surrounded by lush dense forest and it has a breathtaking view of the Banasura Sagar Dam. That is not it, the resort beholds the beauty of the mighty Western Ghats too. You can enjoy all these right from the balcony of your villa since all of them have a dedicated private balcony, making it even more convenient to enjoy the scenic beauty of Vythiri. 

Mountain Shadows is a well-appreciated resort for its consciously designed and constructed villa structure blending in seamlessly with the natural terrain of Wayanad, without breaking the natural ecosystem. Since the property’s development, this has been a very unbending and purposeful practice. One example is the fact that all of the cottages have thatched roofs in Mountain Shadows.

Even at the most exclusive branded resorts, a private infinity pool is uncommon. Because of the breathtaking view of the Banasura Sagar Lake and the verdant woodlands, Mountain Shadow’s Romantic Private Pool Villa is well-known among all those who enjoy infinity pools.  

In addition to the advantages of its location, Mountain Shadow offers a number of amenities, including quick room service, WiFi, indoor gaming, interactive sessions with the chef, food demonstrations, nature walks, cycling, yoga and meditation classes, and more. Read about the experiences provided in Mountain Shadows to learn more about some of the extra services available at the resort. 

Amenities in Mountain Shadows Wayanad

The property offers everything, including leisure activities, healing, self-care, and fitness. Some of the amenities in Mountain Shadows that you shouldn’t skip are listed below:

  • Infinity Pool
  • Indoor Games
  • Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
  • Traditional Ethnic Tea-Shop
  • Pool Bar
  • Ayurveda Center
  • Yoga Platform
  • Turf And Basketball Court
  • Gym
  • Kids Playing Area
  • Library
  • Conference Hall
  • Travel Assistance

Best time for couples to visit Wayanad resorts

If you are the type of traveller who would love to enjoy the pleasant weather and make the best out of the outdoor activities, the best time to visit Wayanad would be from October to May. The nearest airport that a traveller can choose is Calicut International Airport, which is well-connected to major cities in India. Additionally, there is a good network of road and railway connectivity that supports Wayanad. Hiring private cabs for guided tours to explore the region’s tourist attractions is something couples can indulge in. 


Mountain Shadows is the ultimate destination for couples seeking a romantic and rejuvenating getaway in Wayanad. Its breathtaking views, luxurious amenities, and personalized services are nothing short of spectacular and you shouldn’t miss it. So, if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourselves in a serene and romantic ambience, look no further than Mountain Shadows in Wayanad.

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