Uravu, an End to End Bamboo Solution Centre

Uravu, an End to End Bamboo Solution Centre

Uravu is an NGO , founded to uplift the indigenous community by promoting bamboo products .The organization is quite popular for coordinating developmental programs related with bamboo ,also known as ‘Green gold’. They cultivate, encourage skill training programs for processing and market bamboo handicrafts, promoting eco-tourism in all sense. Today Uravu manufactures bamboo products for 8 major industries.

Where is Uravu located?

Uravu is situated in Thrikkaipetta village, also known as the ‘bamboo village ‘

How does Uravu support indigenous tribes and women?

To familiarize the use of Bamboo and to promote items made of this ‘green gold’,Uravu gives job to a number of local people and supports talented artisans. During 1996, while Uravu had begun, there were only 8 families that worked with bamboos, whereas today, there are 200 families who thrive with bamboo related occupations. There are about 15 women self-help groups that are working under Uravuwith over 100 local women artisans

How did Uravu begin?

In 1996, when farmer suicide rates had increased in Wayanad, 6 people came from different states to form an NGO that supported the perished families. A teacher Sreelatha Shivaraj and her Husband Mr. MT Shivaraj initiated Uravu to promote traditional knowledge systems.

What is the working time of Uravu, the bamboo village?

The village is open from 9:00 pm to 5:00 pm all week long except Sunday. Public holidays also may affect the working time.

How to reach Urav?

From Calicut, Take the Thamarasseri- Vythiri route and reach at Kalpetta. There is a distance of 84 kilometers between two places. If you are coming from Banglore, you can take the Banglore –Mysore- Sulthan Batheri route. The nearest railway station to Urav is Calicut railway station. The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport, also known as Karipur airport.

What all items are available in Uravu ,Wayanad?

There is a huge array of items made of Bamboo like jewelry items, lampshades, key holders, bed lamps, gifting decors, Kitchen utensils, Bamboo blinds etc., each of which is crafted from good quality bamboo. There are other unique artistic entities like Rain maker, bamboo pieces with tribal mural paintings, bamboo gramophones etc.

What are the three kits provided by Uravu?

There is a school kit consisting of a pen, calligraphy pen, bookmark and a keychain, A kitchen kit with a pair of tongs, a fruit pick, a papad stick, and a big spoon and the last one is the ‘journal kit’ which consists of a hair accessory ,a bangle and a keychain. Each kit is available at just 100 rupees.

Where does Urav get bamboos from?

There are many sections in Uravu. The most attractive one is the huge nursery, which is the largest bamboo nursery in South India. There is a large bamboo farm where these bamboos are cultivated for future use. The nursery had started as a small venture in 1996, but grew into a huge one with exotic species of bamboo by 2016. There are at least 30 varieties grown here including Chinese bamboos, climber bamboos, Black bamboo also known as elephant bamboo, Bilathi bamboo ,As per , Sweep bamboo , Booli bamboo from Assam,‘Buddha’s belly’ ,Ventrokosa, Erankol etc.

Are the bamboos in Uravu treated before they are used?

There is a Vacuum pressure impregnation chamber where bamboos are first dried and treated with chemicals to make it more durable. These treated bamboos can later be used for construction and for making various artifacts.

What are the other sections in Uravu?

There is a Bamboo art gallery with creative art installations all made from different types of bamboos, a ‘Green factory’ here where ceilings and interiors with bamboos are constructed. There is also a huge loom with various machineries that helps in making the famous bamboo blinds.

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