Luxury Staycation Resort deal in Kerala,Wayanad

Luxury Staycation Resort deal in Kerala,Wayanad

Looking for an offbeat place to host a function? Or a nice vacation spot to enjoy the summer with family? In this era when tourism has saturated, there are enough hotels and resorts that compete to serve their guests. But fact is that most of them lack facilities that satiate each of their guest’s needs. Each function is to be undoubtedly cherished forever. Then, why make it ordinary? Choose the best property located in the golden hills of Wayanad.
Welcome to Mountain Shadows, the perfect offbeat location where you can host a function perfectly. Located 3 kilometers inside forest, you have to take an off-road jeep ride to reach here. This nature preserved land has been kept intact without disturbing the balance of Mother Nature. The property was built with locally collected raw materials by local laborers. With thatched roofs and mud walls, staying in Mountain Shadows is the best way you can be close to nature. All the rooms open to breathtaking views of lake and forests. The resort has an activities like Nature walk, Yoga and meditation, Fishing , Cycling, Indoor and Outdoor games and also the resort have an enough more spacious for team building activities. Experience the exceptional culinary skills of our dear chefs with live cooking sessions. There are many packages here like the honeymoon package, top notch luxury package, family package and other customized packages to choose from. Even if you are planning on a cozy work vacation, the property is equipped with high speed internet/Wifi and blessed with a peaceful ambience. The huge conference hall and board room is a striking feature of Mountain Shadows and conducting a dreamy dinner party in that velvety lawn would be heavenly. In fact, It would be a dream – come – true to host any function here.

There are many other things to visit near the property. Go for a peaceful boat ride in PookodeLake, Visit the iconic Banasura Sagar dam, which is supposed to the biggest earthen dam in India and the second largest dam in Asia. The numerous Jain temples like KidanganadiBasdi, Puliyarmala, MyladiparaBasdi, Janardhanagudi Jain temple etc. that gives reminiscence of the past. Go and experience Uravu , the world famous self-sustaining bamboo village and ‘En Ooru’, a government initiated tribal village and many number of forests and waterfalls too.

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