Escape to Paradise: The Best Wayanad Resort for Your Next Unforgettable Family Adventure

Escape to Paradise: The Best Wayanad Resort for Your Next Unforgettable Family Adventure

Are you planning for a family gateway to Wayanad this vacation? Mountain Shadows assures you of a serene and tranquil experience perfect for a family holiday. Surrounded by lush greenery, lakes, and tea plantations, we provide the best of Wayanad for you and your family. State-of-the-art construction and facilities heighten your experience at Mountain Shadows. So if you’re looking for resorts in Wayanad for family trips, here’s why you should consider Mountain Shadows.


We strive to create an unforgettable experience during your stay with us. We provide 5-star services to our vacationers by ensuring a wide variety of activities and amenities at your disposal. 

The nature walk is perfect for starting the day with your family. You can trek around the premise at your own pace all while breathing in the goodness of nature. You can also opt to cycle the path encircling the resort and enjoy areas of the lush forest.

Apart from its scenic splendour, Wayanad is home to a plethora of tribes. We provide cultural performances and art forms that are greatly entertaining and help you learn more about the heritage and history of Wayanad.

Woman enjoying cultural performances of Wayanad

Our multi-cuisine restaurant serves exotic delicacies from the heart of Wayanad. You can also see the dishes being prepared by our amazing chefs. There is a family-themed dinner that you can enjoy with your loved ones. 

A chef demonstrating live cooking at a resort in Wayanad

When it is chilling outside, you can visit our ethnic tea shop and sip our sizzling varieties of teas. We have a collection of the best locally grown tea leaves and crunchy snacks to make any evening with your family special.  

Our infinity pool is perfect for your family vacation, as it captures the very essence of nature without giving up your safety.

Surrounded by luxuriant rainforest and a harmonious lake, Mountain Shadow is a scenic marvel. This ecosystem is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Guests can walk around the premises to bird watch at any time of the day. We have a jungle safari to explore the wildlife of the area without disrupting their habitat. 


Mountain Shadows is a 5-star resort, and we provide the best amenities to make your stay soothing and memorable. We have a wide range of activities you can indulge in with your family. 

Our Ayurveda centre is a great place to relax your mind and body after a busy day exploring the wilderness. Varieties of massages are offered by our trained professionals. 

To calm your mind and connect with nature, we provide yoga and meditation sessions. The sessions are guided by our yoga master. It is a serene experience to listen to nothing but the whistling wind and the chirping of the birds with a clear mind.

Near our lake, we have a football turf and a basketball court. Spend quality time with your family enjoying sports and nature. We also have a fully equipped indoor gym for fitness lovers. Our professional trainers can assist you with workouts and fitness tips. Bicycles are available at the property, which you can use for cycling through the beautiful tracks around the area. 

A view of the badminton and basketball courts for families at Mountain Shadows resort

We have indoor kids playing area where your kids can have fun and interact with their peers. There is also a library with a huge collection of books and magazines for all. The silence of nature creates a perfect habitat for indulging in books.

The lake is a great place to spend time with your loved ones. You can also grab a fishing rod and go fishing. The fish will be turned into a mouth-watering delicacy by our chefs in no time. 

We are located just 7 kilometres from Banasura dam, and there you can enjoy a calming boat ride enjoying the surroundings. Boat rides are arranged by KSEB, and these rides are safe and soothing. If you like to elevate the adventure, you can also opt for speed boats.  

Safety and Privacy 

We assure your safety at Mountain Shadows. We provide 360 decree breath-taking views and 5-star amenities without compromising your security. The gates are guarded by security at all times and no outsiders are allowed within the premises. All architecture and the landscape have been created to provide the best comfort and safety for our guests. The infinity pool is of a safe depth and also has a kid’s pool. Our team of well-trained staff will be available 24×7 for any help. 

When travelling with your family, privacy is of prime importance. We here at Mountain Shadows value your happiness more than anything. Our rooms and premises are carefully planned to ensure your privacy. 

FAQs About Mountain Shadows Resort

1. What are the available family-friendly activities in the resort and nearby attractions?

We offer a variety of activities that are safe for families and especially children. You can spend time in the play area with your family or fishing at the lake. There are cultural performances that we arrange, which you can enjoy with your family. The kid’s play area is a safe yet fun space for children. 

2. What kind of accommodations are best for families, such as connecting rooms or suites?

There are family suites available at Mountain Shadows, perfect for the entire family to stay. Our reception team will guide you to choose the perfect room for you according to your needs. 

3. Is there a kids’ club or children’s activities program available in the resort?

There is a kid’s play area where children can enjoy and interact with their peers. The play area is built with safety in mind. The football turf and basketball court will be great options for children to engage in sports. There are also children’s bicycles available for cycling. The library has children’s books and magazines.

4. What dining options are available for families, including kid-friendly menus or special dietary requests?

Our team at the kitchen is always ready to provide the best quality food for you. We do have a kids-friendly menu and also provide items on special requests. There is also a family-themed dinner which you can customize to your liking. 

5. Are there any safety measures in place for children, such as pool safety?

The entire property is safe for children. Our pool has a designated area for children with a safe depth for children. You can see your kids anywhere in the pool and ensure their safety. There are medical practitioners available in case of any health emergencies. 

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