Conjuring a Sweet Wayanadan Honeymoon; Best Honeymoon Places in Wayanad

Conjuring a Sweet Wayanadan Honeymoon; Best Honeymoon Places in Wayanad

If you are planning for a sweet and memorable honeymoon, one of the first destinations that come to your mind would be Wayanad, There is no other state in Kerala that blends in so many topographies. With grassy plains, Rocky Mountains, pristine rivers, majestic waterfalls and thick dense forests, Wayanad is indeed a wonder. Apart from the unique drives through the Wayanadan Churam, walking through dense forests and having a good time in a resort, there are numerous things to explore in Wayanad. The lists of places visit for honeymoon at wayanad mentioned below.

Pookod Lake :

Boating trips in this scenic lake is pretty famous in Wayanad. This freshwater lake, surrounded by the enchanting Western Ghats originates from Panamaram River and later joins with River Kabani. There is a reshwater aquarium, a park for kids, relaxing fish spa and handicrafts shop. The lake opens by 9 AM and closes by 5 PM.

KuruvaIsland :

Kuruva island is a protected island cluster near Kabini river. The island is uninhabited, which explains the huge number of exotic species of animals and birds here. Spread over an area of 950 acres, the whole island is surrounded by beautiful waterbodies. There are boats and rafts provided by the tourism department which will take you to each island in a few hours. Hundreds of tourists come to Wayanad each year to see this island and enjoy the scenic river rafting .The best to visit the island is from October to March and entering during the rainy season is strictly restricted. You can reach here after travelling 15 kilometers from Mananthavady or 40 kilometers from Kalpetta.

Banasurasagar dam :

Banasura Sagar dam is India’s biggest earthen dam and second largest of Asia. The reservoirs have several islands. The blue skies with Banasura hills in the background gives a visual treat for the eyes. You can do many activities here. Go speed boating in the pristine waters, enjoy paddle boating, watch sunset, and walk through the gigantic constructions. The dam is open from 6: AM to 6: PM all week long. It is believed that Banasura, the asura king (son of Mahabali) took a penance on top of the hill . The dam supports Kakkayam Hydroelectric project and provides water for the whole area.

Phantom Rock :

This rock located at Cheenkeri mala is famous for a naturally shaped rock which looks like a phantom head. Located 25 kilometers from Kalpetta, this rock is located at a height of 2600 meters from sea level. The destination is quite popular among trekkers and hikers.

Pazhasi Tomb :

This tomb pays homage to the famous Keralavarma Pazhassiraja, who is known as the lion of Kerala. Pazhassiraja was a fierce leader, one of the few kings who found victory over British.Everyday hundreds of people pay homage in this tomb. The tomb which was constructed to a museum in 1996, is maintained by the State archeological department and contains Pazhassi’s sword and other artifacts.

Chembra Peak :

This beautiful peak comes with a backdrop of hills, heart shaped lake, and breathtaking scenery. Located at a height of 2,100 meters above sea level, the peak is home to a number of exotic species. You can trek these legendary hills after taking priorpermission. Moderate trekking through these hills takes you to Hridayasarassu. The best time to visit is from August to May. You have to reach here by 7 :AM to trek

Wildlife sanctuary :

The wildlife sanctuary was set up here in 1973. Ranked 8 th in the list of biodiversity spots, the topography is a beautiful blend of hills and valleys. Spread over an area of 344. 53 sq. kms, the sanctuary
has its major parts in Kerala and goes to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. There are 4 ranges for this sanctuary. The first one is Muthanga range. This area is quite popular for the wildlife sightings especially during April to June, when the animals come out to drink water in the scorching heat. From October to March , you can get good sightings of birds and enjoy the forest in a cool climate. The sanctuary is open from 7: AM to 5: PM. There are several activities to do in Muthanga sanctuary. You can go for an elephant ride, go on a birding tour, see, tiny baby elephants at the elephant camp, you can walk through the forest or take a jeep safari, which is the most famous activity here. This is the second largest animal sanctuary of the state. Being the battle ground of Keralavarma Pazhassiraja, the sanctuary also has a historical importance. You can see and interact with tribal people who reside over this area.There are different types of vegetation ranging from Semi evergreen forests to South Indian Moist deciduous forests. Several herbs like Maruthi, Karimaruthi, rosewood, chadachi, venteaketc can be seen around the area. There are about 45 species of mammals including barking deer, tiger, common otter, spotted deer, gaur, leopard, bonnet macaque, sambhar, panther, Nilgirilangur, jungle cat, sloth bear, civet cat, wild boar, bison, monkey, wild dog, Malabar giant squirrel, common langur and more.There are many reptile species lurking around here like Sand Boa, Collared Cat Snake, Brown Vine Snake, Ceylon Cat Snake and Beaked Worm Snake, apart from various lizards, including the monitor lizard. There are about 59 species of fish a, 30 species of amphibians and 203 species of birds including Malabar Grey Hornbill, peafowl, herons, wagtails, jungle fowl, egrets, babblers, roller, shrikes, woodpeckers, pheasants, cuckoos, snipes, owls, water ducks, etc.

Thirunelli Temple :

This temple , known as Sahyamalakshethram or Kashi of the South is the only temple in India where one can perform rituals from birth to death. There is a cave temple called gannika devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is located in a breathtaking picturesque location. The temple is open from morning 5:AM to noon 12:PM and evening 5:30 PM to 8:PM. There is a rock named pinnapara near the construction which is believed to be a demon called PazhanaBedi . There is a point called Panchtheertham to the back of the temple which was once believed to be the meeting point of 5 rivers.

Tea factory visit :

The Rippon tea factory is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from Meppadi and 18 kilometers from Kalpetta. The tea factory is open to the public. If you are curious about the processing of this magical beverage, then this is a must visit place when coming to Wayanad.

Meenmutty Waterfalls :

This spot is indeed a unique destination if you love waterfalls. The magical falls plunge down into three levels from a height of 1000 feet. Go for a 2 kilometer trekk through the forest and explore three types of viewpoints. The first tier can be reached after trekking half kilometer from parking lot. As you walk through the boulders, you reach the second tier. The third tier is the most challenging but worth the wait. With breathtaking view and thick vegetation, this tier can be conquered with ropes. The falls are open from 9AM to 5: PM.

Jain temple :

There are a number of Jain temples located in Wayanad. Out of which, the temple of SulthanBatheri is the most famous. The temple which was initially a shrine became a dumping ground for ammunitions during the time of Tipus’s battle in Kerala. There were about 12 streets around SulthanBatheriwhich was known as Ganapathuvattam then. After Tipu’s time here, the temple was deserted for about 150 years after which the archeological department undertook it. The temple, built in a traditional vijayanagara style has many peculiar carving along its walls. The carvings shaped like floral designs, Theerthangara, goose, sarpabhanda etc. are peculiar to watch. You can visit the temple from 8AM to 6: PM.

Chain Tree :

The chain tree is associated with Karinthandan, a local tribal man who was killed during the British wars. It is believed that he found out the Wayanad Ghat route. The British viceroy took the help of Karinthnadanwho was then the chieftain of the Adivaram Village to find a route from Thamarassery to Wayanad. But at the end, the officer took him to the hills and shot him dead to take credits.

Edakkal Caves :

About 25 kilometers away from Kalpetta , lies these two magnificent caves . Located at a height of 1200 meters above sea level with two chambers, there are several legends linked to the formation of these caves. Some say that they are related to Lava and Kusha, son of Ram and Sita. Some say it is related to Kuttichaththan. The caves were initially discovered by Fred Fawcatt. Being the only place in India, with
Stone Age carvings, thousands of tourists come to Edakkal each year. Around 400 signs were discovered
recently, which is believed to be connected with Indus valley civilization.

Wayanad Heritage Museum :

You can visit the Harrisons Malayalam tea museum, which is the first one in Wayanad. Built in 1911, the three storied tea museum is one of the must visit places while travelling to Wayanad. You can go for tea tasting after taking a walk through the tea artifacts.
A perfect honeymoon is a one that would bring out amazing experiences. And Wayand would give you nothing but a handful of beautiful memories. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and leave with
your loved ones for a sweet honeymoon Wayanad.

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