Best luxury resort in South India, Kerala- Wayanad

Best luxury resort in South India, Kerala- Wayanad

Wayanad known for its serene beauty, pristine waterfalls, royal mountains, thick forests and serene lakes, has emerged as a popular tourist destination of Kerala in the last decade. Be it a sweet honeymoon, a joyous family trip, or a fun trip with friends, Wayanad sets the perfect mood with its breathtaking beauty.Apart from exploring the nature blessed sightseeing spots, there are numerous activities to do at Wayanad. First of all, after planning the whole trip and listing down places to visit, make sure to search which is the best resort in Wayanad to avoid last minute disappointments with accommodation. If you are curious about exploring exotic varieties of flora and fauna, there are many sanctuaries that could gift you a visual treat. The famous Wayanad wildlife sanctuary which is ranked 8 th position in the world biodiversity hotspot list is a wonderland for any nature lover. There are other wildlife sanctuaries like Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary etc. where you spot 45 varieties of mammals including sloth bears, deer, gaurs and dhols and explore exotic varieties of floralike Anjili, Erithrina, Cassia etc. Meet baby elephants at the elephant training center in Muthanga and interact with the indigenous tribes of Wayanad including the Paniya, Kattunayaka, oorali, kuruma etc. Make sure to take your binoculars to see a variety of exotic and migratory birds at the Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary. The glorious Meenmutty waterfall is famous among adventure junkies for its three tiered trek. The first tire is pretty easy whereas the second tire comes with a moderate to difficult trek and leads to a mesmerizing view point. Another must visit spot is the Banasura dam, which is India’s largest dam and second largest dam in Asia. With the background of Nilgiris, the view is splendid. A speed boat ride through the tricky waters would be adventurous. Go for a peaceful boating in the serene Pookodlake and watch the most beautiful sunset of your life at Lakkidi view point. Visit the famous tribal Kuruva Island to experience their tribal bamboo boat rides.Who would want to miss a visit to the legendary Edakkalcaves ? Located at a height of 1200 meters is known worldwide for the pictorial representations of Neolithic prehistorical civilization. Try rock climbing at Soochipara waterfalls and take a stroll through tea plantations of Chembra estate. It is advisable to stay in a family resort in Wayanad if you are travelling with family or friends.

Rather than usual hotels and local resorts, a trip to Wayanad can be made even more special with a uniquestay option. Welcome to Mountain Shadows, the best luxury resort in WayanadKerala . Situated in a dreamy island likelocation, this wonderland is built 3 kilometers inside the forest. The overall peaceful ambience of the resort, mouthwatering food, the iconic infinity pool and customized rooms which opens to a breathtaking view of forests and lake makes it a great honeymoon resort in Wayanad.

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