Mountain Shadows: The best Ayurvedic spa resort in Kerala

Mountain Shadows: The best Ayurvedic spa resort in Kerala

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that has thousands of years of heritage. It concentrates on the holistic betterment of the mind and body. Kerala has always been at the forefront of Ayurveda, as the land is abundant with medicinal plants and herbs. In our fast-moving world, ayurveda has the key to rejuvenation through natural remedies and personalized treatments. If you’re looking for the best resorts in Wayanad with an Ayurvedic spa, keep reading!

Mountain shadows resort in Wayanad provides the best ayurvedic spa facilities varying from massages to meditations. Our serene location, entwined with nature, makes you stress-free and relieved from your day-to-day hassles. 

Amenities offered at Mountain Shadows Ayurvedic Center

 Ayurveda centre

State-of-the-art infrastructure combined with the best of Ayurveda. We provide 6 stations for natural remedies and massages. The treatments and pressure therapy are performed by licensed professionals. All ayurvedic cottages have a soothing view of the lake and the mountains making the experience tranquil. The cottages are designed to provide you with personalized services for each individual. Privacy is also ensured as you can have a cottage of your own.

Couple massage

 If you are traveling with your loved one then the honeymoon couple massage is a must-do. The couple can also opt for honeymoon suites to make their stay even more romantic. The location, view, and experiences will make for an unforgettable vacation with your partner. 

Free consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor

You can have a consultation session with an Ayurvedic doctor and get the right prescription completely personalized for you. Depending on your needs you can avail of different massages, meditation sessions, and much more. The doctors are available at all times and can be accessed without any difficulties. 

Ayurvedic Pharmacy

All healing herbs and medicines can be bought from an Ayurvedic pharmacy. You can take home not just great memories but also the experience of Ayurveda.  

Yoga and meditation

As Ayurveda focuses on an all-encompassing experience, we provide meditation sessions and yoga every morning and evening. These workshops are conducted outdoors with a breathtaking view of the hills and lake. 

Multi-cuisine restaurant 

Our restaurant offers an array of culinary delights from all around the world to satisfy the diverse taste buds of our guests. The experienced chefs use the freshest and locally sourced ingredients to prepare a range of dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Our chefs will be happy to serve you a customized menu on prior notification. Have your meals to complement your ayurvedic sessions and get the best out of your stay with us. 

Other features at Mountain Shadows

Infinity pool

The property has an infinity pool with a mind-blowing view of the wonderful valley. The ayurvedic sessions combined with some time in the pool make it a calming experience. The pool is of safe depth even for people who do not know swimming. There is also a dedicated kids’ area in the pool with shallow waters. 

Game area and turf

You can engage in sports and games with your friends and family as we offer a football turf and a basketball court. These facilities can be accessed anytime and you can enjoy your favorite sports with your favorite people. 

Fitness area

Engage in a training session with weights. Our gym area has the latest equipment to meet your fitness needs. We have fitness trainers who can guide you through your workout sessions. 

Morning trek

Morning treks are conducted around the property to refresh your body and mind. Start your day off by enjoying the lush forest and a stunning view of the mountains. You can also bird watch as there are a wide variety of amazing birds in the property and surroundings. Anyone can join the trek, as it is not very hard. You can gently walk around enjoying the beauty of the morning.

Pool bar

A major attraction in the property is the pool bar where you can enjoy a sip of the best mocktails and soft drinks after having a great time in the infinity pool. You can enjoy yourself while having a relaxing view of the lake and dense forest.

Ethnic tea shop

Taste the best varieties of tea and evening snacks from our tea shop. Spend time with your friends and family whilst sipping a glass of sizzling hot tea and enjoying the gorgeous view. You can also buy different types of tea leaves that are picked from the surrounding tea plantations. 

Frequently asked questions

Are Ayurvedic treatments and therapies provided by trained and experienced practitioners?

We have a team of experienced professionals who are experts in Ayurvedic treatments and massages. The treatments are provided only after consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor. Our well-trained team of staff will always make sure you are provided with the best service. There is also a doctor who can provide any sort of medical assistance available at the property. 

Is there a consultation process before the treatments to understand individual needs?

All treatments and therapy are only performed after consultation with the doctor. This way a fully personalized session is provided for all individuals based on their specific needs. 

Is there a specific dress code to be followed while taking Ayurvedic treatments?

You can wear any clothes that you are comfortable with for the therapy. The practitioners will let you know if you require to wear any special clothes based on the session if required. 

What is the duration of each Ayurvedic treatment or therapy session?

The duration varies from anywhere between 30 minutes to a few hours based on what your needs are. The time you will have to spend on therapy will be informed by the practitioners in the prior notice, so you can plan the rest of the day accordingly.

Is there any special diet or dietary restrictions that need to be followed while taking Ayurvedic treatments?

 For some sessions, the doctors might suggest a special diet, in that case, our team at the kitchen will be glad to provide you with the best food based on your special needs. 

Mountain Shadows is one of the best resorts with an Ayurvedic spa in Kerala. We combine a marvellous environment interwoven with wilderness, amazing architecture, and the best team of staff. Rejuvenate yourself during your vacation with us, as we offer the best Ayurvedic centre and other tantalizing amenities. Our personalized therapies, ayurvedic pharmacy, and yoga sessions cannot be paralleled by others. To complement your ayurvedic sessions we have game areas, morning treks, a fitness centre and so much more. Try out the best of local and international cuisine from our 5-star restaurant. Relish your vacation in Mountain Shadows and experience the best. 

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